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St. Benedict offers a challenging curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment. We encourage parents to call to schedule a tour. To make an appointment, call 419.536.1194.

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10 August 2015

Dear Saint Benedict Catholic School Parents:

Saint Benedict Catholic School is co-sponsored by Little Flower and Our Lady of Lourdes parishes.

On behalf of Father Joe Cardone, I enthusiastically welcome you to a new school year. God surely will bless our passionate commitment to achieving educational excellence.  We are proud and grateful to help your children discover God’s beauty, goodness and truth and to inspire them to experience the fullness of life for which they have been created.

It is very important to Father Cardone and me, together with every member of the Saint Benedict Board of Trustees, to share major school developments with you directly and personally.

Unfortunately due to family reasons, Mr. Jason Szynkowski unexpectedly resigned as principal last week.

After Father Cardone and I first informed Saint Benedict Catholic School Board of Trustees Chairperson Mr. John Landry, we spoke directly with the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Toledo, Mr. Chris Knight, who assisted us with a possible recommendation.

We are excited to announce Mrs. Martha Hartman as the new interim principal for our school year. Having served the past six years as the Diocese of Toledo Elementary School Consultant, Mrs. Hartman is a respected and recognized educator. In addition to serving as a lead diocesan expert with school accreditation, professional development, teacher evaluation and pre-school licensure, Mrs. Hartman also has assisted with the Resident Educator/Mentor Teacher and Master Teacher Programs and new Principal-Minister formation. Her professional career has been dedicated to the Catholic school ministry and includes previous leadership roles as a principal of three different Catholic schools.

I know you will join us in warmly welcoming Mrs. Hartman and her family to our Saint Benedict School family. She is eager to meet you. You may expect to hear from her soon.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions. Let us please pray faithfully for our children, faculty, staff and each other.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Father David W. Nuss, S.T.L.
Superintendent, Saint Benedict Catholic School
Pastor, Little Flower Catholic Parish


Thursday Thoughts


Our Administrators

Our Catholic Character

Our character IS spiritual
St. Benedict Catholic School prides itself on its Catholic identity. Students attend Mass weekly in small groups and monthly as a whole school. In addition to deeply integrating the Catholic faith in every subject taught and every activity planned, we are proud to be one of the few schools using a cutting-edge religion program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which is based on a Montessori approach to teaching our faith.

School Safety

Keeping Our Children Safe
In today's world, we have to take every precaution with God's most precious gift: Our Children. At St. Benedict, we have been proactive in school security and preparedness. In addition to security cameras at the door and a 'buzz in' system, we also have improved construction to create safety zones. With a second set of entry doors from the main office to the classrooms, you can rest assured that your child will be safe and secure.

If you have information about concerning activities that may warrant concern for the safety of students, faculty or staff, you can access TIPS through the Diocese of Toledo to anonymously report the information by clicking the TIPS image below.

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