Thursday Thoughts

Snow, Snow and more Snow

WOW---that is the only word that I can use to describe January 2014.  I am truly glad that there are only two more days left in the month.  Of course, there is always February and who knows what weather that short month will bring!!! The teachers and I will be discussing how to handle additional…
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Catholic Schools Week

This week has AGAIN presented us with some challenges in communications regarding weather delays and closings.  The biggest confusion came with the fact that on Tuesday it was announced that Toledo Public was closed, which in fact was true, except that they were not closed due to weather but to a previously scheduled teacher work…
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Back From Our Extended Christmas Break

WELCOME to the first Thursday Thoughts of the 2014 year.  Our extended Christmas break was a wonderful surprise.  In ALL of my years in education I cannot remember 4 consecutive snow days where we knew a day ahead of time that we would be closed.  I hope that all of you that signed up for…
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