Tuition Schedule


2017-2018 K-8 Tuition
Tuition (cost to educate) per student at St Benedict Catholic School is $5,700

Several scholarship options are available for students attending St. Benedict Catholic School.  All families must complete a K-8 Tuition Scholarship/Financial Aid Application form for each student.

Parish Member Scholarship ($2,450 award per student):
By applying for this scholarship parents are indicating that the parent(s)/guardian is registered as member(s) of Little Flower or Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and are active in the life of the parish including participating in weekend Mass, participating in various school and parish events.             


Community Member Scholarship ($1,200 award per student):

By applying for this scholarship parents are indicating that their family is not registered as members of Little Flower or Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, but are active in the life of the school community, including attending and assisting at school events as much as possible.          

Tuition Policy

Private schools are funded and supported through tuition, fund-raising, endowment and grants. Each school is responsible for the total cost of education. Therefore, each family who chooses Catholic education should consider the payment of tuition a responsibility and a priority.

Tuition is determined each year by the St. Benedict Catholic School Board of Trustees based on the projected per pupil cost and the amount of financial support from both Our Lady of Lourdes and Little Flower parishes. To be eligible for sponsorship from the parishes, families must be registered and make a commitment to worship regularly with the parish community and to contribute time, talent and treasure in support of the life of the parish. Families who are not registered members of either parish will be charged a tuition rate that is more closely aligned with the full per pupil cost. Each parish determines its policies for financial assistance. Parents should contact the school principal for information related to other resources of assistance.

Payment options are described in the registration packet. Currently there are two methods of payment:

• Prepaid – Payment made at the time of registration
• FACTS Management Service – a monthly electronic deduction from your bank account


• At first notice of delinquent tuition, a reminder letter will be sent home.
• If no response within 14 days, a certified letter will be sent.
• If still no response after an additional 7 days, a call will be made to the responsible party.
• Finally, if no response within an additional 7 days to the above action items, a notification will be made that the child will not be allowed to participate in school and/or school related activities until the arrears tuition is paid in full.
• At the end of each quarter, or school year, grades, transcripts and other records will be withheld. Access to grades will be blocked if all financial obligations are not met. This includes, but is not limited to: tuition, library fines, textbook damage fees, any and all outstanding co-curricular fees and materials, as well as any other financial obligation not identified in this list.
• Student Withdrawal: If a student is withdrawn from St. Benedict’s school during a quarter, tuition for the remainder of the year will be retained by the school, or collected if the family is utilizing FACTS.

Additional St. Benedict School Scholarships and Financial Aid available include: 

St. Benedict Catholic School Needs-Based  Financial Aid – See the Tuition Management handout for a complete list and application information.

Additional scholarships beyond the St. Benedict School community:  Families may also be eligible for the EdChoice, Northwest Ohio, and others.

2017-2018 Preschool Tuition

Non-Refundable Registration Fee - $100 per family

Full-Day –  8:00am  to  2:15pm (Available for 3 and 4 year olds)   $ 4,500

Half Day –  8:00am  to  11:00am (Available for 3 year olds only)   $ 3,300

Parish Member Preschool Scholarship  ($1250/full day; $500/ half day)

Extended Day Program is available for Preschool and Grades K-8 between 2:30pm and 6:00pm at $3.00/hour.

There is a $100 non-refundable family registration fee that is due at the time of registration or the registration will be considered incomplete.